Sit N Stroll Review: Traveling With Babies and Toddlers

Sit N Stroll ReviewLast week, I posted about time we visited Sonoma and Napa With a Baby. We had a fabulous vacation, but I was very worried about the trip before we left.  It was our first time flying with our baby, and I had no idea how I was going to handle all of the necessary gear at the airport and on the plane.   She had a seat on the plane, so we needed a car seat onboard (and, of course, in our rental car).   We also needed a stroller to get through the two airports and for our trip.   The thought of carrying all of that stuff on our trip was a little intimidating.   After a little research, I found the Sit N Stroll, which ended up being a great helper on our trip.

Sit N Stroll Review

The Sit N Stroll is like a car seat on wheels.   I has a 5 point harness, and the wheels very easily pull up into the base.   It can be used as a rear facing car seat, a forward facing car seat, and a booster seat.   If you push the wheels out, it operates as a stroller, and you can actually wheel it right up to the airplane.   We used this on our whole trip, from arrival at the airport all the way through our return.   It’s very durable — we’ve taken it on four airplane trips and it still works great.   It also installs quickly in the car.   I am always amazed at how many people actually stop us in the airport to ask about this!

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There are a few negatives to the Sit N Stroll, although the benefits definitely outweighed the negatives.  For instance, it doesn’t recline, so while my daughter did nap in it, it’s not like a traditional stroller.  Also, you’ll need to install it in the car every time you use it – which isn’t bad if you only get in and out of the car a few times per day. But, if you’ll be in and out of your car, it’s definitely a hassle.

You can find the Sit N Stroll at Amazon.com.

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