Restaurants and Dining on the Disney Fantasy

Enchanted Garden Aboard the Disney Fantasy

Enchanted Garden Aboard the Disney Fantasy

Where else can you dine in three Disney-themed restaurants, order room service at 2 am, and enjoy delicious lunch and breakfast buffets – all included in the price of your trip?  On the Disney Fantasy, I enjoyed some great food, as well as a fabulous atmosphere, throughout my entire trip.

Meals (but not alcohol and a few other items), are included in the cost of the cruise.  Guests choose a dinner time (either 5:45pm or 8:15pm) and maintain that time, as well as the servers, throughout their entire trip. The three main restaurants are assigned to guests on a rotational basis – so you’ll have the chance to try them all more than once on a 7-day cruise.  My favorite of the three restaurants is Animator’s Palette, where you can create your own animated character (see my video below).  In addition, guests can also dine at Cabanas, a casual dining location that also offers some wonderful outdoor patio seating.

Guests looking for a special dining experience can book a meal (preferably in advance) at the adult-only Palo or Remy.  Both require an additional charge ($20 per person at Palo and $75 per person at Remy – plus alcohol), but are wonderful experiences.  Of course, if you are hungry at any point during the day or night, you can order room service which is free of charge (for most items), and arrives within a few minutes.

So, how is the food?  While I did not have the chance to dine in either of the adult-only locations, I did eat at Cabanas, and the three main restaurants (Enchanted Garden, Royal Court, and Animator’s Palette).  The food is good – similar to the quality of food at most of the restaurants at Walt Disney World.  There’s also a huge selection of items, so you’ll definitely find something that appeals to you.  You can pretty much order anything you want off the menu, even multiple entrees if that’s what you’d like.  The servers are accommodating, and since they follow you throughout your cruise, they understand any food restrictions you have.

You can read more about all of the Disney Fantasy restaurants on the Disney Cruise website. Also check out my video of the Animator’s Palette animation!

Disclosure: I was aboard the Disney Fantasy as part of the Traveling Mom Retreat and my stay was complimentary.


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