New Legoland Hotel Opening in Carlsbad, California

New Legoland Hotel
Like many kids, my son loves Legos. One of his favorite stops during our recent trip to Walt Disney World was the Lego store in Downtown Disney.  He can just sit with his blocks for hours, building things from pictures or his own mind.  So, I was definitely planning to take my two kids to one of the two Legolands in the US – either the one in Carlsbad, California, or the one in Orlando, Florida.  But now, with the brand new Legoland Hotel opening in Carlsbad, California adjacent to the park, I think we’ll soon be headed to San Diego!  This hotel looks like the perfect place to visit with young kids!

The new Legoland Hotel is opening on April 5, 2013, and includes 250 rooms.  Room types include pirate, adventure or kingdom rooms, and guests can choose between themed or premium themed rooms (premium rooms include extra Lego decor and Lego models).  Each guest room offers a separate sleeping area for up to three children with bunk beds and a pull-out trundle bed.  There’s also a treasure chest in each room, which can be opened once kids complete a treasure hunt activity in the room.

New Legoland Hotel

There are lots of other fun amenities in the new Legoland hotel too, including Mini’s Lounge, the Skyline Café featuring a Lego skyline which includes 35 different scenes, and Bricks Family Restaurant, which includes a buffet station designed specifically for kids with healthy options all at a height they can reach.  The hotel also offers a fitness center, a Lego event room, WiFi, a disco elevator, and a family pool.  The hotel is located right at the entrance of Legoland California, and guests will have special early access to the theme park.

The hotel opens April 3, 2013, perfect for spring break travel, and they are accepting reservations now.  To learn more, visit at or  call 877-LEGOLAND (534-6526).

Photo credit: Legoland Hotel


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  1. OK, that looks really cool!!! And I love that they have room for three kids in each guest room.

  2. This looks amazing! I think a trip is definitely in order!!

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