My Travel This Year, By the Numbers…

Omni Dallas HotelSometimes I’m asked exactly how much I traveled recently.  I logged in to TripIt (I have premium and it tracks all of my travel for me) and checked out my 2012 travel by the numbers.  Here’s all of the travel I did since January:

  • 8 cruise nights, on 2 different cruises
  • 19 total trips
  • 5 trips to Walt Disney World
  • 12 round-trip flights
  • 3 countries (US, Canada, the Cayman Islands)
  • 59 hotel nights (excluding the cruises)
  • 4 conferences

Wow!  No wonder I felt very burnt out by the end of the year and actually canceled one of the trips I had planned.

I’ve got less travel planned in the New Year – although I still have a huge travel bucket list to conquer!


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About Jodi Grundig

Jodi Grundig has loved traveling since she was a little girl. She started blogging in 2007 on her popular review site Mom's Favorite Stuff and after doing quite a bit of family traveling, decided to launch her own travel blog. Jodi resides in Massachusetts with her husband, eight-year old son, ten-year old daughter, and Havanese dog.


  1. dang girl! yes, you have every excuse to be a little burnt out! I haven’t done near as much travel as you have, but I did cancel a trip just because it felt a little too overwhelming. It’s amazing how it takes it out of you.

  2. Jodi, that’s quite a list! Hope you’re rested for 2013!

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