Mother Daughter Bonding in the Caymans

Mother Daughter Caymans

Last year, I received one of those dream emails – with the subject line “You are invited to the Cayman Islands”.  To be honest, most of the emails that start with “you are invited” usually end with “to save 5%” or to “attend our Twitter party.”  But this one was a real invitation, to a real trip, and best of all?  I was invited along with one of my children.  My daughter, being the oldest and up for anything, was the one I chose to attend.  We had a fabulous time in the Caymans, but the mother-daughter bonding was an amazing bonus.

We swam with the stingrays and held turtles at the turtle farm.  I encouraged my terrified daughter to trust me and put her snorkel-covered face in the water.  She emerged, declaring “That was amazing!”  We got ready in the mornings together, had brunch at the hotel daily, and talked about our upcoming day.  We marveled at the gorgeous turquoise color of the Caribbean Sea, which she had never seen.  We both made friends and tried new things.  We video chatted with the “boys” back home (Daddy and her little brother). And upon our return home, we both were simultaneously upset and happy with our delayed flight (which, of course, meant that we could spend a few more hours at our beautiful hotel and enjoying the sea).

Because of the delayed flight, our return from Miami was very late, so she tucked her head on my lap and slept the whole way, only waking up when we were making our descent into Boston.  Upon returning home, we both decided that we just had to return again as a family, something I’m hoping to do with the next year or two.  But I’ll always cherish the memories of our mother daughter trip.

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I had her all to myself, and she had me all to herself – no brother, no daddy, no distractions.  It was amazing.


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