Traveling Back in Time With Migis Lodge

Migis Lodge


Nestled through a long wooded road down to Sebago Lake in Maine is a secret some family travelers have known for generations. Away from the hustle and bustle of the main road is a step back into time – a place where the cabins don’t have exterior locks and families have fun without turning on the television. Where everyone gathers at cookout point at lunchtime for some lobster claws, hot dogs, and watermelon, and again at dinnertime for drinks on the front porch of the main lodge. Migis Lodge on Sebago Lake is not only a relaxing family vacation destination, it’s a place to rediscover family and values. We were missing it as we pulled away down that long wooded road, and can’t wait to return.

Migis Lodge

It’s advertised as a place where families have visited for generations, and I saw proof of that myself, as I overheard a father boast to his family as he snapped a picture of them, “I have a picture of myself as a kid standing in that same spot”. We made our own family memories there – from my kids loving their dessert of watermelon at cookout point, to my daughter paddle boarding for the first time (with her brother as a passenger).

Migis Lodge

I’m not exaggerating when I describe it as a step back into time. Cabin boys (often college students, on summer break), assist you with your luggage, and daily, they bring ice to the rooms and set up a brand-new fire in the fireplace, ready for you to light. Migis Lodge itself is resort casual (think Lily Pulitzer and Vineyard Vines), but for the evening meal, jackets are required for men. Meals and gratuities (but not alcohol) are included in the room rate, so families stay the day, dining for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. While kids are welcome at dinner (families with kids under 6 dine in the family dining room, attached to the main dining room), there’s also a kids’ club available. Kids choosing to do the club eat on the back porch of the main lodge, then play games while their parents dine. My kids chose to do the club, and loved it. It was nice to have an adult dinner without worrying about the kids, and when we went to pick them up, they didn’t want to leave.

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Migis Lodge


Activities at Migis Lodge are wholesome and family-friendly. The front check-in desk is lined with notes from guests looking for tennis opponents during the week. Even the fitness center and sauna are woodland-themed, housed in separate cabins along the lake. But the highlight is the lake itself, with canoes, paddle boards, kayaks, row boats all available on demand. They also offer jet skiing and motor boats (for an additional fee). While the boats are popular, many choose to just jump into the crisp waters, swimming back and forth from the pier to the shore. From noon to 5pm during the summer, Migis offers a kids’ club. Activities are posted in the main lodge, and kids can sign up for the activities they are interested in (all included). My kids chose to do the Migis carnival and nature hike, and raved about how great the counselors (again, mostly college students on summer break) are.

Migis Lodge

Depending on your budget and party size, you can choose from either a private cabin or a lodge room in the main lodge. We were in Firefly, a three-bedroom cabin centrally located by the playground, beach, and main lodge. While the decor is rustic, the cabins are outfitted with modern amenities including comfy bedding, cable television (which we never turned on) and free WiFi. There’s no A/C, but the included box fans are more than enough to keep the cabin cool. Here’s a video I did of our cottage.

Food is a big part of a Migis Lodge stay, and it’s a stress-free event since you don’t have to worry about making meal reservations, finding good restaurants, or driving to your destination. The food is also delicious – especially the four-course dinner. All three meals are served the main dining room, but most choose to dine at Cookout Point for lunch. Once a week, guests are shuttled to a nearby island for a cookout, and on another evening, guests are treated to a lobster bake.

Migis Lodge

Cookout Point

Whether you stay for two nights, as we did, or for a full week, as most families do, you are bound to drive away from Migis Lodge feeling relaxed and rested with life-long memories.

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Migis Lodge

You can find out more information about Migis Lodge on their website.


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  1. We have friends who stayed here with their extended family (grandma and grandpa picked up the tab!) and LOVED it. They said one of the best things was that there was plenty for active families to enjoy—they water skied every day—so you could just relax but also do a lot of active stuff too, so no one was ever bored.

    I am now trying to convince my mother to take HER extended family here. (ha)

    1. Yes, with so many family-friendly activity options, it’s definitely a great spot for family bonding.

    1. It was! Hoping to head back there next year. I think it would be magical over the 4th of July!

    1. Hi Colleen, it’s in Maine! I edited the post to make that clear – thanks for your comment!

      1. Ooh…now it looks doubly enticing to me! LOVED Maine when I visited Freeport a few years ago. I’ve been trying to figure out how I can move my family there ever since!

        1. You’d love it! In fact, Sebago Lake isn’t too far from Freeport, so you could easily do both.

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