Kindle Fire Versus iPad For Travel

While I think it’s important that families unplug during their vacation – to bond and to see their destination and their journey, sometimes electronics are essential. I have found that it’s most important to have fully charged devices when we fly – they keep our kids entertained and the flight time just “flies” by!

When purchasing an electronic device, lots of parents have the same question – what are the pros and cons of the Kindle Fire versus iPad for travel?  Here’s some information that will hopefully help you make your decision.

Kindle Fire: The Kindle Fire is now available in a variety of sizes and price ranges.  In general, the price range is lower than that of an iPad, but the functionality is more limited.  All apps must be purchased or downloaded through the Amazon app store, and although the Fire does run on the Android platform, not every Android app is available for the Fire.

However, I feel that the Kindle Fire HD is the best device for video – the sound quality and picture quality are both excellent.  So, if you are looking to run some basic apps, watch video, and read books, the Kindle Fire is probably the best device.  You can buy the Kindle Fire on

iPad: Now that the iPad mini has been released, there’s actually a little more competition for the Kindle Fire based upon price and size.  I still find the Apple App Store to be the most robust, and you can actually do a lot more with the iPad.  However, if you are purchasing a device for a kid, and only need some app and video functionality, a Kindle Fire is likely to be fine.

Keep in mind that you can share app purchases across devices, so try to stay within the same platform for your family.  For instance, both of my kids have iPads, which means I only need to purchase an app once to show up on both of their devices.

If the Kindle Fire and iPad are out of your price range, you may want to consider a Leapster.  It’s more appropriate for a younger kid, but it’s definitely less expensive.  Check out my video review to help you make a decision.

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