How To Find Your Lost Luggage (My Cautionary Tale)

Jetblue Baggage Carousel
I traveled to Dallas last week for a conference and flew on Jetblue. Since I had to bring quite a bit along with me, and Jetblue doesn’t charge a checked bag fee, I decided to check my bag.  I hate waiting for a bag at my destination, but I’m actually not too worried about losing a bag.  In fact, I’ve lost a carry-on bag – the airline (USAirways) insisted on checking it because there was no overhead space, but it didn’t make it to my destination.

On my return from Dallas, I checked my bag.  I was desperate to get home (missed my kids!), so I ran to the bathroom first, before heading to the luggage carousel.  I admit, I didn’t listen to the carousel announcement, but there was only one Jetblue carousel with bags on it.  I found someone waiting and asked if she was coming in from Dallas too.  She was.

I waited for my bright blue Tarp luggage to come through the carousel.  It seemed that everyone’s bag came out before mine.  Finally, a series of oversized bags came out, and I started to lose hope.  Then I heard that dreaded sound of the luggage carousel stopping.  My bag was missing.

I did a mental inventory of what was in that bag.  This was not good.

I walked, with my claim ticket (always, always keep that claim ticket) to the Jetblue baggage office.  I reported my bag missing.  “Were you at carousel 3?”, they asked.

I had been standing at carousel 5.

I walked over to carousel 3 (along with the woman who had told me that she too was on the Dallas flight) and there was my bright blue luggage.

Find your lost luggage tip #1 – make sure you are standing at the right carousel.

Also, keep your claim ticket.  They usually attach it to your boarding pass, which many people leave in the seat pocket in front of them.  You’ll want to tuck it in your pocket or carry-on bag to make sure you have it if necessary.

Here are some additional tips we received from experts.

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