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My kids are in elementary school, which means that I’ve been past the diaper bag stage for a while.  But, I remember how difficult it was to travel with children, and I know that it’s important to make sure that you have the best gear possible when traveling.  Baggino, a diaper bag company owned by a mom and a dad that travel everywhere with their baby, offers two key products to make traveling with kids easier – a three-in-one diaper bag, and a full-body bib!

The Combination Diaper Bag – n – changing belt works three ways – as a messenger diaper bag, as a stroller bag, and as a changing belt. That means, when you go to change your little one in a public rest room, there’s no need to put the bag on the floor and keep reaching down while awkwardly holding your baby so he/she won’t fall. Instead, you can just rearrange the bag to a belt, and then you’ll have everything you need right at your fingertips. We have the green bag, and I’m pleased with the quality and the materials. It’s a great size for an afternoon out with your baby.

Their other product, the classic learners’ bib, is brilliant. It’s a terrycloth bib that covers your babies torso and arms. It’s washable, and will keep your little ones’ outfit clean. I wish I had this bib when my daughter was a baby – we definitely needed it to keep her adorable outfits clean when she ate.

To learn more about Baggino, visit their Web site.

Disclaimer: We received a bib and a diaper bag at no cost for review.site</a>.

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