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SeatGuru - family travel reviewsSeatGuru Seat MapI’ve written before about how to make sure your family is all seated together on a flight, and which airlines charge seat selection fees, but how do you even know which seats are good seats?  Not every seat on a plane is the same.  We’ve all been there – you are jammed into a seat, and get ready to recline when the seat doesn’t go backwards. offers guidance and seat maps by flight which help you choose exactly which seat is best for you.

To look up the seat maps, just go to SeatGuru and input your airline and flight number.  The system will give you all available flights, and you can choose which one you are on.  Then, you’ll see a map, like the one shown on the left.  The maps indicate great seats, bad seats, and seats with potential issues, as well as any power outlets, lavatories, and crew seats on board.  You can mouse over the seats and see exactly why the seats are green, yellow, or red – including reasons such as limited recline.  The information also shows which seats are premium, and which are available to the general public.  If video, WiFi, food and other amenities are available, you’ll also see them listed.

I recommend taking a look at SeatGuru before choosing your seats, just to see what’s available on the aircraft.  In addition, you’ll know why certain seats aren’t available to you (e.g., they are only available to frequent fliers).

SeatGuru is free and is owned by TripAdvisor.

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  1. OH WOW— this is an indispensable tool – thanks for this trip – we struggle with this all the time. We almost exclusively fly southwest now because of all of the seat woes with airlines like Frontier and United and of course the baggage fees hurt too!
    Anyway, thanks!

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