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Family travel with AmtrakGrowing up, I traveled on Amtrak at least annually, for our family vacation to Walt Disney World.  My father worked for Amtrak, and so that was our preferred mode of transportation, even for the long trip from Providence to Orlando.  Although I always yearned to hop on a plane and be in Florida in three hours, I grew to love the train.  For me, those are some of my favorite family travel memories from when I was a kid – eating in the dining car, changing trains at Penn Station, sleeping in a teeny-tiny roomette… Our adventure started the moment we stepped right on the train, and we always enjoyed our adventures.

Now, 20+ years later, Amtrak still provides families a great way to travel.  Our personal favorite is the Acela high-speed train, which goes from Boston to Washington DC.  The Acela offers comfortable seats, electric outlets in each row, and free WiFi!  With the early check-in time and security checks required to travel by plane, the Acela is almost as fast as an airplane (and it stops right in Manhattan)! That Northeast Corridor itinerary is one of the most popular routes in North America, with good reason. It stops in many popular cities along the coast.

If you are taking the train with your family, there are a few things to keep in mind. You won’t check your bags like you do on at airport, but red caps are available at most train stations to help you with your bags. I’d definitely recommend utilizing a red cap at a busy train station like Penn Station, because they can bring you down to the train before the other passengers.

Traveling to Florida?  Many families enjoy taking the Auto Train, which travels from Lorton, VA (near Washington, DC) to  Sanford, FL (near Orlando).  You won’t have to rent a car when you arrive, but you’ll still get to rest and relax on your journey.

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Jodi Grundig has loved traveling since she was a little girl. She started blogging in 2007 on her popular review site Mom's Favorite Stuff and after doing quite a bit of family traveling, decided to launch her own travel blog. Jodi resides in Massachusetts with her husband, eight-year old son, ten-year old daughter, and Havanese dog.


  1. I’ve taken a few wonderful train trips with my 2 kids. They are definitely easier now that they are older, but it is a great way to travel. We can all get up and stretch our legs, enjoy great views, play games and relax. It may not be the speediest route, but for me, not having to drive is a big bonus.

  2. I’ve never really thought about traveling this way, but maybe we should. My 3 yo son is fanatical about trains. He would absolutely love it. Good thought…

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