Skip the Car seat on the Plane – Bring Along CARES

car seat on the plane
You’ve probably heard the recommendations that you bring along a car seat for your child on a flight.  While that sounds like a great, safe, option, it’s really difficult to practice, especially if you won’t be needing that car seat at your destination.  Years ago, when my daughter, was little, I discovered the CARES FAA-approved harness.  Since we didn’t need the car seat during our Walt Disney World trip, and certainly didn’t want to store it in our hotel room, I purchased the CARES.  It was created by a grandma of 8 who saw her daughter bring a car seat on the plane and knew there must be a better way.

Skip the Car Seat on the Plane!

CARES is an FAA approved harness type child safety device to be used on airplanes (and ONLY on airplanes).   It is very easily installed, doesn’t affect the functionality of any of the seats (they can be reclined, tray tables do work, etc), and is extremely portable and lightweight (only 1  lb)!   CARES has been approved for use in aircrafts, for all phases of flight.   In my opinion, this product is a total necessity for traveling parents – even if you need your carseat, it is so much easier to check it and get it at the end of your flight.   One additional benefit is that because your child is sitting flush with the seat, it is much harder for them to kick the seat in front of them (a huge problem for us the first time we flew with my daughter).

To install the CARES, you do need access to the seat behind you.  It goes around the seat, and under the tray of the seat behind you.  It doesn’t affect the functionality of any of the seats – something I can’t say about car seats on the plane.  Usually, with a car seat, the seat in front of you can’t recline.  It can also be used in the middle or aisle seat without trapping the person in the window seat in.  So, overall, it makes the flight experience much better.

You can purchase the CARES Child Aviation Restraint System at

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