Amenities at Airports Across America

Airport Clinic Years ago, if you found a dumpy little coffee shop in an airport, you were lucky.  Now, airports across America are loaded with shops, chain restaurants, wine bars, sports bars, hotels, spas, and even walk-in clinics.  I decided to ask some parents what their favorite airport amenities are, and was surprised to find that the most popular amenity was actually a “write-in” to the poll.  Here were the top five:

  1. Outlets. Parents are looking for more outlets by the gates, so they can charge up all of their devices while waiting for their next flight.  Many airports are adding more outlets, but hopefully they’ll continue to do so.
  2. Sit down restaurants.  With less and less food available on planes, guests are looking for a nice meal before boarding.
  3. Kiddie Play Area.  A place where kids can safely get out their energy before boarding a flight?  Parents are excited about this option, with one caveat – it has to be clean!
  4. Quick spa. Any place where mom and dad can get a little “me” time before their flight is appealing.
  5. Free WiFi.  Parents want to surf the web for free before getting on their plane – while some airports do offer this, many others don’t.

So, what amenities didn’t make the list?  Parents weren’t as excited about walk-in clinics (like the one I photographed above, which was offering flu shots), or shops – showing that guests aren’t looking for their airport to be everything – just an efficient place to travel through.

What are your favorite airport amenities?

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